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Best Images 2019

Here's a link to my Best Images of 2019 (IMO) :) By all means, email me any comments. "Likes" are welcome, but tell me why you "like" or "dislike" an image.

Best 2019 Images

New Images in Abstract Gallery

I've uploaded six new images to the Abstract Gallery. Drop by and take a look. Email me your thoughts.


I'm starting a new Collection of Street Photography, which I'll update from time to time.

There's a photographic adage that goes, "That picture tells a story!". For some images, that may be true. But for me, I prefer to use a series of images to tell a more compelling story. I call these stories - Narratives. Once you've selected a specific Narrative, click on the first image to see the full sized images in sequence.

So come back from time to time to see the latest Narrative.

I've also been featured again in the online Street Photography magazine Inspired Eye. I've loaded a copy in my Dropbox.

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