Hi, my name is Edward A. Eastman.

Originally, I worked with B&W and colour film.  Using a variety of film/camera formats, i.e., 4x5, medium format and 35mm, I studied photography formally.

Settling on 35mm, I pursued landscape imagery using colour slide film - Kodachrome.  I loved the film's saturated colours.  

After I built an in-home darkroom, I experimented with medium format film and Lith B&W printing.  Working with a number of nude models, I created a series of images that explored light and shadow on the female form. 

Switching to a digital camera, I found the instant image display intuitively creative.  The LCD screen reminded of a 4x5 view camera making precise composition easy.  

An early adopter of Adobe Lightroom, I now use Lightroom Classic and some Photoshop on a MacBook Pro as my digital darkroom.  An Epson inkjet printer completes my image making equipment.


I feel photographs are not "shot" or "captured", but made with careful forethought and, when appropriate, pre-visualising the final image/print.  Photography is a personal creative journey. The camera, the lens and the digital darkroom (computer/printer) are the tools I use to realise my creative vision. While craft is important; realising my vision is my ultimate goal.

For me, it's about the final image.  Does it touch my heart, my mind, some deeper part of me?   Does it speak to me?


My website has two objectives: 1. Provide the novice/amateur photographer a variety of photographic technical content; 2. To offer my images for sale.

I'll use my Blog to publish the photographic technical content in clear, easy-to-read and understand posts.

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