My Story

Hi, my name is Edward A. Eastman.  I've been asked if I'm related to George Eastman... you know... that Eastman Kodak company??

Well the obvious answer is... maybe??

Back when I was young and foolish, I studied, more or less, photography at Ryerson University.  After graduation, I found work as a Technical Writer and went into business for myself.  Huh??  I said I was young and foolish.

I continued practising photography on my own as a money loosing hobby (like most of us), but revelled in every moment and dollar spent.  I still have my original Nikkormat with that famous Nikkor 105mm lens.  Staring through that prime lens over the decades, I learned more about my personal vision and voice than anything I studied at Rye High.

Decades later, I bought my first digital camera - a Canon D5 Mark 1.  The prospect learning digital photography and the digital darkroom terrified me at first.  But, I figured I had nothing to loose and everything to gain.  In fact, the instant image on the LCD screen reminded me of my work with Polaroid cameras and film.  I loved the instant visual feedback.  I was hooked!!

An early adopter of Adobe Lightroom, I now use Lightroom Classic and some Photoshop on a MacBook Pro as my digital darkroom.  An Epson inkjet printer completes my image making equipment.

Now retired, I get to pursue my photographic passion as much, or as little, as I desire.  My creative journey continues.  I hope you'll join me and we can move forward together.


I feel photographs are not "shot" or "captured", but made with careful forethought and, when appropriate, pre-visualising the final image/print.  Photography is a personal creative journey. The camera, the lens and the digital darkroom (computer/printer) are the tools I use to realise my creative vision. While craft is important; realising my vision is my ultimate goal.

For me, it's about the final image.  Does it touch my heart, my mind, some deeper part of me?   Does it speak to me?

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