Edward Eastman

Photographic art is a journey.  Discovering your own unique vision is a daunting, yet rewarding, task.  The camera, the lens and the digital darkroom (computer) are merely tools.  Art is about creating something meaningful to the artist.

Art says something - even if no one is listening.

Edward is based in the southern Ontario.  His photographic journey began many, many moons ago at Ryerson University where he became grounded in the analog film world.  Over the decades - it's been that long! - pursuing his passion propelled him into the digital era.  The instant visual feedback of the digital camera reawakened his visual creativity.

Digital technology recast image capture and processing.  Edward teaches photography and image processing at a local art gallery and an art school.

A variety of photographic genres sparks his creative curiosity:

  • abstract
  • architecture
  • nature
  • street

For Edward, it's about the final image.  Does it touch his heart, his mind, his soul?   Does it speak to him?  If it does, he hopes the image speaks to you also.

To touch your mind; to engage you; to touch those deep seated memories - that is Edward's goal.

Does an image resinate with your soul, your heart, your spirit?  

Then you and Edward are communicating together.

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