Hi, my name is Edward A. Eastman.

Originally, I worked with B&W and colour film.  Using a variety of film/camera formats, i.e., 4x5, medium format and 35mm, I studied photography formally.

Settling on 35mm, I pursued landscape imagery using colour slide film - Kodachrome.  I loved saturated colours and a graphical minimalist approach.  Experimenting with longer shutter speeds alerted me to the nuanced beauty of blurred motion.

After I built an in-home darkroom, I experimented with medium format film and Lith B&W printing.  Working with a number of nude models, I created a series of images exploring the impact of light and shadow on the female form.  I continued to favour the image's graphical qualities.

Switching to a digital camera, the instant image display was creatively very stimulating.  An early adopter of Adobe Lightroom, I now use Lightroom Classic and some Photoshop on a MacBook Pro as my digital darkroom.  An Epson inkjet printer completes my image making process.


I feel photographs are not "shot" or "captured", but made with careful forethought and, when appropriate, pre-visualisation of the final image/print.  Photography is a personal creative journey. The camera, the lens and the digital darkroom (computer) are the tools I use to realise my creative vision.

For me, it's about the final image.  Does it touch my heart, my mind, some deeper part of me?   Does it speak to me?

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