Edward A. Eastman

My Work

Hi, I'm Edward. I create in a number of photographic genres - Street, Landscape, Abstract, Graphics, and Architecture.

I gravitate toward B&W and Split-toned images. I feel this allows the subject matter to speak directly to the Viewer. When the colours talk, I listen, whether it's a landscape or an abstract image.

I strive to create impactful images that resonate with the Viewer. Creating intuitively, I respond in the moment, while keeping my overall vision of clean, crisp, well-composed images that speak to my inner mind and heart.


I studied photography at Ryerson U in Toronto, Ontario. Eventually, I built my own darkroom for B&W film photography. An alternate process - Lith printing - became my specialty. In 2007, I purchased my first digital camera - Canon 5D MK II. My digital darkroom was Lightroom 1.0. I love the instant feedback the digital camera gives and Lightroom provides limitless creative image processing possibilities.

I teach "How to Use Your Camera in Manual Mode" and "Lightroom Classic" locally. I also mentor local one-on-one individuals. If you're interested, contact me below. I enjoy passing on my photographic knowledge and passion.

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