Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic Course

Hello, I’m teaching an Introduction to Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic (LrC) Course in the evening on Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 from 6:45pm - 9:30pm.  Each student gets detailed, step-by-step handout notes for each lesson.

The course is ideal for the amateur/hobbyist photographer looking to get the most out of their images using the image-processing software Adobe Lightroom Classic (subscription version).

You’ll learn how to import/back-up your RAW image files into LrC’s Catalog, customize the LrC’s workspace, arrange images in a series of folders/sub-folders, move and rename images and export your processed images directly to social media or email.

In the Library module, you’ll learn to import your RAW image files, create new folders/sub-folders, rename your images, move images between folders/sub-folders, apply keywords to facilitate image searches, apply quick image edits and rate/select your favourite photos to edit in the Develop module.

In the Develop module, we’ll learn how to crop, set the image White Balance (WB), use existing LrC Presets and create custom user Presets, process black & white image versions, merge multiple images into one HDR/panorama photograph, edit images directly in Photoshop and save them back into their LrC Catalog.

Participants will receive step-by-step instructions with each lesson that can be used as an excellent after-course reference.

To signup for the course click the this link, or go to  In the Search field, enter 4A80 Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic; search.

Each student must have the subscription version of Lightroom Classic/Photoshop downloaded/installed on a Windows/Apple laptop computer they will use during the course.  If students want/need advice on purchasing a suitable Windows/Apple laptop computer for the course, email the Edward at

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