You Purchase

On the Select Your Fine Art Giglée Print page, choose your desired image, recording the image caption,  size and price.

Email Edward quoting the print details.  Include your phone number and an appropriate time for Edward to call.

During the call, Edward discusses your purchase, paper choice and the production/delivery dates.  After the call, Edward sends you a confirmation email detailing the agreed to purchase details.  All prints are sold unframed.


Edward contacts you to arrange payment.  Upon receiving your payment, Edward begins the production of your Fine Art Giglée Print.  When your print is ready, Edward contacts you to arrange the delivery details.

Fine Art Giglée Print Delivery Details

If you live in the Ontario GTA, Edward personally delivers your Fine Art Giglée Print on the agreed date and time.

If you live outside the Ontario GTA, Edward mails you your Fine Art Giglée Print.

Using Format