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My Art

I explore a range of photographic genres. I create in B&W, B&W split-toned and colour. I strive to create impactful images that speak to the soul, heart and mind of you, the Viewer!!


Once in a while, I put up an image, small photo book or ebook for sale. If there's an image you'd like as a print, email me a message. I'll let you know the size, price and shipping costs. I accept a simple e-transfer using email as payment.

I also run photography courses at a local Art Gallery and Art School. Plus I take on one-on-one students for photography and Lightroom Classic training.

I'm open to receive all email questions/comments you have. So don't be shy! Fill out the form below and let's talk!!


The price of the photo courses are set by the institution. Email me for current course offerings and location. I'll you email a link to the location and their pricing page.

My rate for one-on-one students is $25.00/hr (CDN).

Email me about prints you want and I'll reply with size, price and shipping costs. A simple email e-transfer will suffice as payment method.

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